Introduction to Cacao Hunters

The Cacao Hunters story is of amazing chocolate ( the best in the world) but also a great social conscience story about a country and its people who have had a natural resource in Cacao but because of the narcotics trade , have not been able to access the best plants or create a free and independent livelihood.

Families and farming communities that were once affected by Colombia’s long history of armed conflict, drug trafficking and particularly high rates of poverty, can now contribute to what is the number 1 chocolate in the world. It is a wonderful product and story. A product that the team at Cacao Hunters are proud to be a part of.

Now that Cacao Hunters has won its second gold medal at the International chocolate awards two years running , Cacao Hunters have partnered in an investment strategy with Acumen ( and is in a position to guarantee large scale supply, now four times the current volumes with a new state of the art facility.

This has resulted in employment growth and the creation of a revitalized positive community through this new cacao project.

Cacao Hunters “Arhuacos” is the number 1 craft chocolate in the world, as voted by “International Chocolate Awards” it is helping underprivileged farmers in Colombia and is quickly becoming an iconic brand.


Colombian Origins

Cacao of Colombia has been working since 2009 on the development of Colombia’s specialty cacao sector, creating high impact and development in areas such as Tumaco, Arauca and the Sierra Nevada, regions affected by years of internal conflict. Their work of several years with the Arhuaco people in Sierra Nevada was rewarded last year with the Gold Medal as the best chocolate in the world for its Cacao Hunters Arhuacos 72% chocolate bar.

Cacao de Colombia received last year an important equity investment from Acumen Fund, the leading impact investment fund in the world, and it has inaugurated its new factory increasing significantly the impact generated in Colombia’s cocoa producing regions.

We are Cacao Hunters and seek unique flavors and aromas, exploring the various areas of the country, discovering stories that are woven around cacao to share with the world.

We produce chocolates with the best cacao working hand in hand with growing communities for outstanding quality that highlight the origin. Our raw material is based on cacao from different origins of Colombia , starting with areas like Sierra Nevada, Tumaco and Arauca. We are also in ongoing research and development of new flavors that manage to rescue new origins as our recent Boyaca edition. We produce chocolates with different cacao percentages, with and without milk, highlighting the tasting notes, according to their origin.